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Local News

Jaedon Smith and Callum Fenton will appear in court charged with causing grievous bodily harm.

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Highways England says the weekend closure between junction 5 and 6 will last until Monday morning.

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Ambulance bosses say it will help them provide 20 to 30 extra ambulances a day.

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A 26-year-old man was taken to hospital for surgery after two men fired a gun into a van.

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The charity says it is "inevitable" staff will come into contact with people with coronavirus.

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Ellie Crisell explains how you can help the BBC report during the coronavirus outbreak.

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The BBC spoke to 87 Finest Dental customers who paid a combined 540,344 for work never completed.

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Actor Paul Cooper started the toilet challenge after his son contracted coronavirus.

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The Henley Festival was due to feature headliners James Blunt, Madness, Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

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After an outpouring of support for Rev Richard Coles, how are other recently bereaved people coping?

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Supt Nicholas John has become the new commander for the Reading Local Policing Area.

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Step-by-step, what to do to help prevent the spread of the virus.

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Community News

Potholes Giving Local Drivers a Problem

Posted by Administrator : Wednesday 13th March 2013

LEAVING US IN A DITCH? Potholes are becoming more and more of a problem in Reading due to a lack of local maintenance funding and the changes in the UK weather. Potholes despite being seen as a miner problem they can affect so many drivers on a daily basis.

Cost of Living Rising!

Posted by Administrator : Tuesday 12th March 2013

COSTING US OUR LIVELIHOOD? It is estimated that the cost of living looks expected to continue to rise this year with stable incomes versus increasing costs of everyday household items. In recent years the cost of living has been as high as 5 times more than wage rises.

Healthy Eating Tips For Local Families

Posted by Administrator : Tuesday 12th March 2013

KEEP THE WHOLE FAMILY IN TIP TOP SHAPE. Family life can be hectic and keeping up with the fast pace of it can be difficult, which also means having regular healthy meals can be easier said than done.

Push For Local Apprenticeships

Posted by Administrator : Monday 11th March 2013

INVESTING IN THE LOCAL WORKFORCE. The Reading council and government have tried many initiatives over the years, one being local apprenticeships.

Scams On The Rise

Posted by Administrator : Saturday 9th March 2013

KEEPING YOU ON YOUR TOES! It is important to keep up to date and on your toes when it comes to local fraud and scams. There are so many currently out there it is important you are aware of the more common and frequent ones.


The Local Transport Infrastructure

Posted by Administrator : Friday 1st March 2013

HOW DOES OUR LOCAL TRANSPORT COMPARE? For years people in the Reading community have made their feelings known when it comes to public transport.

Local Weather

Maximum Temperature: 13C (56F), Minimum Temperature: 6C (43F), Wind Direction: Southerly, Wind Speed: 12mph, Visibility: Good, Pressure: 1018mb, Humidity: 73%, UV Risk: 2, Pollution: Low, Sunrise: 06:34 BST, Sunset: 19:51 BST

Maximum Temperature: 19C (66F), Minimum Temperature: 11C (52F), Wind Direction: South Easterly, Wind Speed: 15mph, Visibility: Good, Pressure: 1011mb, Humidity: 57%, UV Risk: 4, Pollution: Low, Sunrise: 06:31 BST, Sunset: 19:53 BST

Maximum Temperature: 14C (58F), Minimum Temperature: 3C (37F), Wind Direction: South Westerly, Wind Speed: 13mph, Visibility: Good, Pressure: 1013mb, Humidity: 68%, UV Risk: 3, Pollution: Low, Sunrise: 06:29 BST, Sunset: 19:55 BST

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